Phantom Groups!

I just noticed that if I create a Group, I can apparently never get rid of it again! Even if I delete everything in it (hell, even if I select the actual Group in the outliner and delete it in the 3D window), the Group name is still in the list when I go to add something to a Group! If I do enough Group work in a single file, I may end up having to take a completely new file, append everything Group (or object) by Group (or object) to get a ‘clean’ file!!

Is there some way to actually delete a Group from a file??:confused:

Try pressing space and typing in “remove group” (you’re on 2.55, right?) other than that just type in “group” and see if there are any options in there that might help.

How do I select the group? It doesn’t have any content, and it is apparently not appearing in the outliner, only in the group list… :frowning: