Phantom Objects(That seem to only exist only on append)

This is one of those weird things that keeps cropping up, there’s really no way to explain it other than, there are phantom objects that seem to exist only in the outliner, and keep causing “error packing file …texture does not exist” errors on every save. They are unselectable, seeming invisible, but when objects are appended from that file, this phantom object suddenly appears. [See .blend file, set the outliner to Groups and look for an object called pineapple.001 or something]

Blend file:

I have no idea why it’s that huge, I’m guessing it probably has something to do with the phantom datablocks thing…

Did you ever get an answer to this?

I am experiencing a similar thing. I appended an object that I worked on independently in it’s own blend file into my scene. Then I used it’s mesh data in objects already placed in my scene. I ended up with my tree branch referencing an object that I can only see in the outliner. I can’t select this object, but it’s selected as the instance object. I would like to change the instance object to be the copy of this object that I can see and edit, except, it’s not in the same position and rotation. I can’t find a way to copy this phantom object’s position and rotation, because I can’t select it. It doesn’t seem to actually be there. It may be referencing another blend file. Shouldn’t I be able to make it “local” to this blend file?

This is what I’m getting. Needle.002 is only visible in the Blender File and Data API windows, not in the Scene or View Layer windows. I can’t select it, I can’t make it local.

Thanks in advance!