Phantom work in progress

I am working on a game called Phantom its a futeristic racer.

here is a demo;9838074;/fileinfo.html

and here is a new video

sry it doesn’t look that good this is a very early beta i am hoping to completee it by mid april these are only two demo levels they are not yet textured so sorry about that i’ll try to release a demo of these two levels textured.
my hope is that i’ll have 6 plus tracks 2 or more vehicles and 5 enemy vehicles also i might add power ups.
if anybody has any ideas please let me hear them and also explain them because i am fairly new and this is my first project.

Currently i am working on a second car and am going to finish all the tracks.

try this link for a more cleaned up version i changed th lighting so its no that bright.;9844323;/fileinfo.html

whats your polycount? be warned, if it goes up too high, your game is going to look like a turtle race. :wink:

hey i fixed the lighting so know it doesn’t show all of polygons so brightly and it looks a little better also i added a nitro boost to the second level and i’m trying out some new things.

i have 4 levels now and i’m might finish the 5th level this weekend so i might finish it sooner than i thoought.

update go to the video link at the top

The game doesnt really feel like a game with the parented camera…I would suggest logic bricks…
Always Sensor----AND—Camera OB: *Car Name

All of the tracks but one are way too short, the BGE can handle huge worlds, you could also work on detail and obstacles as some tracks are very bare bones.

Maybe have laps to make the race seem longer.

One of your tracks look like it took less than 15 seconds to complete, that’s way short for a racing game.

You sure put a lot of work into it.