This is something i call ‘phantom’ i did it in ~2 hours. Igot the inspiration from a movie. The humans are imported from poser.
P.S. Try to guess what movie this is from

Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within

Glad to see that im not the only one who has seen that movie! How does my render compare with the effect in the movie?

the texture effect is great but I would make the “ghosts” even more transparent (the orange one, especially, looks too solid). ither than that it’s great.

we must be the only three people who saw that movie lol. i thought the story sucked but the animation and images are one of the best that i have ever seen (i know people who don’t believe that it was made in 3d).

Yes I like that movie much :smiley: Havn’t seen it in a while though so I can’t say much about the story :expressionless: But I like your work, you should make the ghosts…or spirits more transparent, and smoother. I would also add some “emit” to them as well. Make them glow some…lol…But that depends as well because some of them glowed and others didn’t…But I think what you are going for I would give a glow.

Ill make them a little more transparent, especially the phantom. But I cant make the spirit too transparent, otherwise his eyes and teeth would show through and make him look really weird. The only way to remove the eyes etc… would be to manually delete the vertices that define them. And that would be a pain in the :x to do.

Cool pic, nice job; although i must say since i have never seen the movie, the pic leaves me a little confused. :slight_smile:

Final fantasy did kickass visually but lacked depth.

Crazy…I didn’t even see the phantoms head…face…thing…lol.

i saw the movie and i thought it was pretty good - the fx are very good but the crappy script ruined it completely

I saw the movie in the theaters.
It was to sci-fi to be a FF movie. But i still liked it

The soul is pulled from the body. Right now it seems to be being pulled from something other than the phantom.

If you want to do one of the helms from the movie my sister drew a really good side view and i think i can find the front view.

I have the book on the making of the movie and i cant find a front profile of one.

Ok heres one of the guys from the front

Heres a soul being ripped.

I think ill do another one of a soul being ripped from a deepeyes guy, that would be more fun, cuz id get to mmodel the armor. Thanks for the pics, ill get to work as soon as i finish my wc entry.

btw, whats the book called? i should get a copy. I agree, the vfx were great but shallow script

not bad man. :slight_smile:

of course, the movie needed some work in the plot department…

Not bad at all but:
you need to work with your textures… a lot.

Especially on your phantom… map those badass procedurals to emit :).

As for the floor make it tile.

Hopefully that will all be fixed in my next one.

I dropped the spacesuit as it sucked… He is just gonna be a normal lookin guy gettin nabbed bythe phantom.
Ill be working on a scene soon…

Much better. This should look really good with a good enviroment. But we’ll have to wait and see.

I’d say leave the orange things…it destroy the picture feeling in my opinion.

Why not just let the “phantom” of the guy flying away from his body.

Make it in a dark room…the guy maybe watching outside by a window…the outside mostly white (full of light)…and his “soul” half out of his body and the guy beginning to fall on the ground…

anyway…that’s my idea, hope it helps