Pharaoh - the best horse in the world!

Hi guys,

Sorry, I just had to post this :smiley:

Pharaoh is a horse I’ve been looking after pretty much full time (5 or 6 days a week) for the past 3 years or so. He’s a very special horse as we work with disabled children and adults 5 times a week. He loves them all, and the 5 other horses that we have at our RDA (riding for the Disabled Association) centre. Unfortunatley he has a very sore back, and may need to retire within the next year or so.

So yeah, I just wanted to show you all this video, and to say what a hero Pharaoh has been to all these kids and adults. Also, this may sound a little sad (trust me, it’s not) he’s been a great friend to me too, so when he retires I’m gonna miss him. So I’m making the most of him now!

Here’s the video:

Let me know that you think he’s the best horse on the planet too :yes: lol!

~ Alex

A heartwarming thread. Even though Pharoah will retire, his memory and faithful service will never be erased. Good on ya tbalex1c for your fine efforts.

Thanks Kbot, although it isn’t just me: there are loads of other people at the RDA who help out with the horses and riders. As some good news, Pharaoh was physio’d and apparently his back isn’t as bad as we thought it was. Plus his condition is improving too!

Sounds like some good news!

I watched the video a while back, but forgot to comment. But yeh, looks like a very nice horse, theres some good pictures in that video. He must be a very peacful horse, you certainly get a feeling that he is looking at those pics.