Pharaoh's Chariot

Hello everyone, so this is the project I have to recreate a chariot hunting scene in the desert. So far so good I have modelled the chariot and the horses, next up is the charioteer. I did a first run of shaping the charioteer but his face was a little off so need a little retouching.

There is a better version of the horses as well only these are the low polygons versions without eyes etc…

Nice model of the charriot. Is its hull made of gold or brass/bronze? Even if it’s gold make it less shiny. It would have some scratches from constant riding through wind and sand.

Hello, I’m trying to make it look gold-plated. It’s a bit of an eyefull but it’s supposed to look a little unrealistic (like a scene from mythology). Perhaps the tutorials from blenderguru may help as you said in your post on metal trinkets, I’ll look them up.
The wheels on egyptian chariots were made from wicker and had fewer spokes as I found out so I’ll redo them. I think they were designed to act as the suspension of the chariot. One can imagine the jar that the uneven desert ground would give otherwise!