"Pharmacy" Setting

More specifically a mortar and pastel, beaker with liquid, and a remake of the 1827 materia medica.

I was asked by a friend to do this and so the title sort of sucks cause I couldn’t think of anything better.

Any thoughts??

The materials look spot on to me, although you could try adding some SSS to the paper, but I don’t know if it will show up in this low lighting. The first thing I notice when I look at this render is the area in the center of the book where the pages meet. As the pages get closer to each other, they should become much steeper, almost vertical. This picture illustrates what I mean:

Also, the camera zoomed in so close suggests, in my opinion, that you want to focus on one thing in the image, but there is nothing in the image to focus on. You can ignore this last statement though because I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to composition, just my opinion.

Other than this, I think you did a great job with this scene.

I’d also add that everything looks too clean and new compared to the book, I think it would be better if the mortar, pestle and beaker look more “1827-ish”.

You could adjust the lighting, it looks too dark and flat. Maybe more like this:-

You could adjust the lighting, it looks too dark and flat.

Agree,the lighting is the most obvious problem in your piece.

And that looks painfully artificial - and was painful as I had to squint against the glare. But then again excessively bright - as if there’s a thousand lamps in the scene - seems to be an on going trend on this forum.

Not only that but it wreaks the wording on the book, which is the major focal point of the work itself.

Lack of awareness of proper hardware set up seems to be an ongoing theme too.

You need to reduce the brightness of your monitor. I use hardware calibration, and while it may not be perfect, it will be more accurate than an uncalibrated screen.

Here is some more information:-

Ah arrogance.

I’ve built my own computer - though that isn’t the one I use now - out of scrapped machines in high school. I probably know more about technology than you.

As for brightness - my screen brightness is turned all the way off because of light sensitive eyes.

Again, I stand by the fact that almost everyone on this forum brightens their scenes excessively. It’s a trait of 3D stuff seeing as you can spot 3D photos in a heartbeat will skimming the internet - google images - as they are usually too bright and too artificial because of it.

Right back at you. If you can’t handle critique, don’t ask for it.

Other people are telling you the lighting needs work, you can see on the forum other people have their screens better set up than yours is. I gave you information to allow you to use objective, independent means to correctly set screen brightness. It’s up to you to choose to learn from it.

Please stop insulting me when I’m trying to help you.