Pharo 3d logo



Hey guys I am have been coding in Pharo which is a smalltalk dialect for some time and I decided to make a 3d logo foe them

I am basing it on their default logo which is actually quite nice. I don’t care about an exact copy, I rather do something different I just want to keep the basic design.

I have more or less finished the letters

and I am focusing on the lighthouse

lighthouse needs a lot more work but I am slowly getting there. I opened this thread also for questions I may have later on.

Then plan is for O to use an invisible sphere where inside I will put the lighthouse and do water simulation.

well you know what they say better late than never :smiley:

So I have been having a fight with this render this is how far I got with it, still long way to go but I am pretty happy how its coming along

A bit more progress with the modeling, tried to make a basic uvmap and apply a texture.

I started wih node textures but quickly realise that it would be faster and more efficient to use an existing image as texture

the texturing and the uvmap is nothing more than a draft, but it gives a first idea how the model will look like. I need to finish the modeling first to sit down seriously with the texturing and the materials. Hopefully it wont be take me much longer, so next update will be with the finished model.