Pharoah Ant(s)

Image 1 of 4 of my final images for a 3-D imaging class I’m taking at my university.

It’s officially a Strata & Maya class, but my teacher let me use Blender because I seem to know my way around it pretty well. The original was rendered at 2400x3000 ( :o ), because I needed to make a print of it to submit for critique.

Finished version:

Early version:

There’s been a significant amount of post-production here. Mostly photoshop, but the background gradient was made in Gimp. The tree background was done in Arbaro. I think that’s its name. That java tree thing.

The ants are fully rigged, and have 3750 faces. The detail is pretty high, although it’s not completely apparant from these pics. I decided that covering up the detail with a silhouette was a good idea because I liked the emotion that it created. Also, I hate texturing.

The WIP thread is here:


alright, I think I know what it takes to get a reply:

I deleted a lot of the environment / texture stuff, so there’s probably a lot of sloppy leftovers in that file.

Actually it takes time :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you have a really nice piece here, probably good enough to try and get it put in the blender gallery (A rather high honor for a blenderhead, if I might say) I think the compositon is unique and vibrant, andpretty well balanced. Overall, I really like it, and that would be cool if you sold a poster.

Sorry if that sounded like a lot of nothing to you :stuck_out_tongue:

very good job for both the before and the after.

the finished piece looks almost perfect. I agree that it has much more emotion, but I think if it conveyed some sort of an emotional story it would be more complete. I you added that, then I would I think it be something I would probably buy if I shopped for art. this piece has a very professional look imo.

this may be a little off topic, but I think it’s ironic that certain mediums of art are used to make things that look like something else. such as drawing things in 3d or using blender to make something that looks like a painting. not to say that’s a bad thing. I do that sort of thing all the time, and I must say that this is the best of that sort of cross medium I’ve ever seen.

keep on blendering

very cartoon picture, nice illustration, good composition

Excellent job. Composition on the final is really good.

Dude I love ants! the first ones great, any chance of an animation?

I made the bones with animation in mind, but I don’t know if I’ll get back to finishing it. I do have some good ideas for it.

This whole project started as a break from my big animation project, which is behind schedule.

btw – this is crossposted in the 3D stills forum on CGtalk, in case someone wants to show some Blender support over there.

Wow, that looks amazing. I’m no art snob but I think I would actually pay money for a large poster of that pic. I love the style and ants are cool.

this one is 11x14 inches. :slight_smile:

That looks great- a very unique style and very pleasing to the eyes.

oh also, the CG talk people requested wireframes, as usual so here’s that:

wow thats lower poly then I would have expected.
nice modeling job