Pharoah Ant

I just wanted to do some modelling practise, and this turned out pretty awesome, so I might be making a short film with this little dude.

I really haven’t textured it yet, obviously. The glitches around the ends of the legs are there only because I’m not done rigging it yet.

Lookin good!


I like the way this is looking. Post us some updates when the rigging/texturing is done

I like him. I don’t see anything to critisize. Great work.

Just for fun. :<

rarrr !

My first post! 8)

How do you make the sky fit the ground this perfect? Is it possible to use POST-PRO like Gimp or isd possible to use fog to make the edge of the ground plane invinsible? Any tutorials for this???

It’s really just mist. I really didn’t spend any time on it, but here’s the settings I used:

Start: 24
Depth: 16
Height: 0
Intensity: 0.3

and the sky iteself is just set to ‘blend’

I lived in an apartment infested with pharoah ants. They came from a Navy ship. They were unstoppable. They liked starchy foods like biscuit mix and grease, if a spot of bacon grease was left on the counter, in the morning it would be ringed with little tiny ants.

Over the two years I was there, they became nocturnal, and resisted all pesticides. I kind of liked the guys, but I had to wipe them out if I saw them.

They are unique, because they have no queen, instead they have a series of pharoahs that boss them around. I remember when I first discovered them, I opened a box of bisquick, and in the bottom, there were dozens of them, and three or four “pharoahs”, which are a bit bigger and black. They appeared to be running on top of all the littler red ants.

Anyways, that’s my story.