PhD thesis -a request

Hello everyone,
I hope that this category is the right place to put this. I have nearly finished my PhD thesis in chemistry and I was working on the cover-picture of my thesis. In the project we did research into carbohydrates that could prevent corrosion. These carbohydrates were made by bacteria from sucrose.
I have managed to get a very nice picture of a rusty panel with an open-hatch in it. Now what I would like is a picture inside this open hatch that has some significant meaning for the research. I wanted either a stainless-steel ball&stick model of glucose, or alternately stainless-steel sugar-cubes, floating in tropical-blue water.
I tried taking a digital photo of a ball&stick model of glucose, and of sugar cubes, and edit it into a holiday-picture, but nothing turned out nice. I found the webpage and thought I’d try my hand at this rendering. A total noob and not having much time left (5 days) before I have to send my files to the printers, I figured out that I will not manage this by myself. But I think that for a pro such a straightforward picture (cubes floating in water, basically) should be relatively easy.
I was wondering if someone would like the honor of being mentioned as artist in a scientific PhD thesis and help me finish my cover-image in the fashion I’d cooked up. Alternately I am fixed with my back-up plan, which is a photo of a sunken ship in the porthole of the overlay image.

Kind regards,

There is a script here
that converts pdb files to Blender Objects, so theres your sticks & balls, simple open a glucose pdb file with the script (theres links to pdb files in the thread).
There is a material repository here
that should have enough material selection for the sticks & balls. & water if needed.
If you really get stuck pm me with a diagram of exactly what you want & I will do it.
You will need to upload the picture of the rusty hatch also.
Try yourself first if not I’ll give it a go. Allow 2 days + 1 day for changes if needed.
Leaving you 1-2 days to finish.

Hi Qabouter
A couple of questions? do you have a 3d model of glucose? cause that would speed up the process of getting a decent render.

I can make a model in Chemdraw and I think I can convert that to PDB. I’ll try the trick of Meta-Androcto and see if I can get that model into blender. I’ll first give it a shot myself. Thanks for the help so far!

I managed to get the PDB of a glucose molecule into blender and added some metallic material files to the different atoms and bonds. Looks nice already. Next I put in a plane and made a bit of underground, intending a bit of a bottom-of-the-sea look. I still have to work on the details there.

But then I wanted it to be under water, which is better than floating on it, I think. My idea was to put the whole thing inside a cube that would be a transparent water-type material. Or is that not the best way to go? I also thought about changing the light-source to blue-ish, or adding a second plane of water-texture/material between the light-source and the steel glucose molecule.

What would be the best way to go here?