Phenom vs i7

Looking to do a small update to my system. Would a 4 core Phenom vs a i7 920 make a difference in Blender and other applications?


Actually phenom II is much better than phenom I… especially in case of 8mbn cache of phenom II… I have a plan to buy it once i have enough money!

I have a Phenom II 920 and it is twice as fast as my AMD X2 running at the same frequency in Blender / Luxrender. As far as the debate between AMD and Intel…I do beleive that the Intel chips would be faster, but there is a price premium to get there. I like supporting the little guy (and I don’t have much cash) so a Phenom II upgrade was much easier on the pocket book than the Intel.

The main thing that the i7 does that the phenom doesn’t is hyperthreading.

I have a phenomII 955 BE

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I’m personally waiting for chips 4-5 times faster than my Core2Q6600 like that chip is 5 times faster than my old pentium D, it’s not worth paying a premium if you only get twice the speed or less what with GSoC probably resulting in speedups in the raytracer and viewport to help hold me over till then.:eyebrowlift: