Pheon Mark 2

(Gomba_3333) #1

Yet another mech-ish thingy. This will be my entry to the living mechanics contest once I get the time to render(hopefully soon :D).

Only blender files right now, renders are to come later.

(S68) #2

works better…

I might note that posting a JPG or whatever format image would have been more appreciated from the community sice:

1 - Images are seldom 1.8Mb
2 - You don’t have to render by yourself

Anyway it is a nice wip, still lacking lots of materials, an environment, etc.

Keep it up


(crazymopho) #3

figured i’d do all the 56k’ers a favor and do a quick render for them…

nice model, btw :stuck_out_tongue:

(SGT Squeaks) #4

Thats very nice!!!

(Gomba_3333) #5

thank you crazy mopho. That should work until I can get some materials worked out :slight_smile: