Phil's "Getting into digital drawing"

Hi everyone! Bought a drawing tablet the other day. Help me improving with your C&C!
I hope you enjoy my stuff.

Kind regards, Phil

I love all or these! though maybe the head seems a bit too small for the neck? I know it’s cartoony, but it still doesn’t seem right.

I love the first one. Colours, shading, simplicity… What program do you use just out of interest?

@ctdaBomb: Yeah, you’re right. There are even a few more things in this picture that i don’t like/aren’t right. I’m not that satisfied with it.
@SReid: Thank you :slight_smile: - I just use plain old PS. If you got any suggestions on “better” painting programs just let me know.

Another cartoony character! Lately I’m into cartoon-stuff… probably next time I’ll try to draw something realistic… maybe :slight_smile:

Today’s picture:

…maybe I’ll add in earings

Another portrait:

Third portrait:

This week I’ll probably do more abstract/cartoony stuff. Already got a ton of sketches.
Kind regards, Phil

I love these.

Great job.

They deserve featuring; imo better than a couple that have been - they aren’t 3D nor was blender used which prevents that.

@Writer’s Block: Thank you very much! Actually Blender was used in the first picture an in today’s portrait. The Compositor is really powerful but in my recent works there was no actual need for it.

Yesterday I had an awfully bad drawing-day. I’ll try to make up for it by uploading 2 pictures today but I cant promise anything. So here is the first one - my last portrait for a while.

Edit: Added a little contrast, increased/decreased some shadows, made it rougher around the neck (less smudged - added strokes),

wow great work about the only use I get from my tablet is swating flies :wink:

as for paint proggys have a look for project dogwaffle ( is a try before you buy) but its NOT photoshop lol its for people with skils like yours

@heddheld: Thanks! I’ll try dogwaffle sometime soon!

So, here’s a creature design. I tried a different technique this time - started sketching without knowing what to do till this happened :slight_smile:
Kind regards, Phil

Edit: Changend the legs and some values 'cause they looked flat out stupid. also the presentation. Crazy hangover today- so no pic. I anticipate it won’t be any different tomorrow :evilgrin:

Amazing work man :smiley: I love the hair/fur in your image! Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

Hey you do fat guy heads really well. Seriously tho, It really stands out.

Monday’s picture:
Heavily inspired by David Choe and Estevan Oriol’s photography.

“Analog” drawing I did a few years ago.
Cloned sheep:

This week i’ll probably do some spraying… we’ll see :slight_smile:

@Nathan Ferguson: Thanks for your kind words! Keeps me on track! I saw that you are also starting to draw/paint and would like to welcome you to the club :wink:
@Redikann: Haha! Yeah - that’s my specialty! :wink:

Today’s Picture:

Edit: Enlarge! - the thumbnail looks strange

Some recent stuff:

sketch of a stencil (for spraying)