Hello everyone!
During the last 2 months I’ve worked on a project called “Phobias”.
Each artwork (which is made to be printed on huge canvas, 170cm * 100cm) is a groutesque depiction of a phobia of each one of us (well, at least some of us probably ;D)
Falling in love, losing some one, being judged or the clock which never stop spinning: with some influences from painters like Dali, De Chirico and Bosch I tried to create something with a very dark vibe, in order to resonate with the intimate nature of the subjects.
(Some tech notes are at the end of the topic)


Of Faith - Final Render

Of Faith - Print Mockup // Print on Canvas, 170cm * 100cm

Of Time - Final Render

Of Time - Draft

Of Judge - Final Render

Of Jugde - Details

Of Love - Final Render

Of Love - Print Mockup // Print on Canvas, 170cm * 100cm

Of Chaos - Final Render

Tech Stuff

  • Everything there was made in Blender 2.80, rendered in Cycles. I’ve tried working on EEVEE but at least for now (and for me) it seems like I can’t get close to the same results I had with ray traced render (which is kinda obvious, but it’s also true I’ve seen amazing EEVEE renders aswell!)

  • Most of the models are based on BastioniLab models (so sad it isn’t supported anymore…)
    Starting from those bases, I’ve then re-meshed the body shapes accordingly and worked on textures externally (Photoshop)

  • Each artowork required aprox one week to be finished, and while there are 5 of them at the moment (Jun, 2019), I’m planning on extending the collection to 12 artworks.

C&C are welcome, and I’ll glad to answer to your question about the project and the making of!



Loooove it

Really great results!

It certainly is an engaging visual concept and well executed. Best of luck and success!

@Gnrl_Azr @sundialsvc4 @TomTalented
Thanks for your kind words!
Much appreciated!

For me the best is Of Time.

Really unique and creepy! I like the Of Judge the best.

That make me think… your art goes deep.

Awesome work!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts! I love how the topic has focused on the meaning/feelings beyond what I’ve made rather than about how they are made/tech questions : )

Thanks so much Bart for featuring me!
That’s really appreciated!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

PS: Kudos for inserting your own thumbnail, that’s the first time I saw someone do that :slight_smile:

@Manuel your work is still loved and missed. If you ever decide to bring the lab back and work on it again, it’ll be a day of great joy (and this time i’ll support your work on patreon or whatever platform)

Amazing. One of the best works that I’ve seen

Reminds me alot of H R Giger’s art. but with less mechanical parts. My favorite is Judge, if not only because I find it mildly humorous.

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@Phil3 I’m glad to hear you bring H R Giger’s to the table, I really love his work (he’s such a genius) and for for sure is one among my inspiration source!
I’m also curious about

My favorite is Judge, if not only because I find it mildly humorous.

Most of people are all about the dark/creepy side of it, so I’d like to hear why you came up with this (which is also kinda true for me aswell :wink: )

Well I’m not exactly someone who always reads very deeply into the meaning of art. That leaves me to judge the art by simply what it is, not what it means. In the case of “Of Judge” The art (in my mind) is a man regurgitating a smalller man(and possibly getting a shoulder massage). Hence I find it rather funny.

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Interesting and complicated work, well done:clap:

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Stunning, Awesome work

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You practically took the words right out of my mouth. I love all HRG’s stuff (RIP), and anyone who is influenced by him is alright in my book.