Phone (animation)


Recently I’ve been getting in to RenderMan (3Delight more specifically). This is a small project I did to try out the general workflow, using Matt Ebb’s Blender->3Delight exporter.
An interesting note is that there is no raytracing used in the video. The reflections are all done via a pretty simple surface shader (that I might post later if there’s interest).

I know the animation is really weak. In my defense I haven’t really done much animation of this kind before, and I think I’ve learned a lesson or two from how this turned out. :o
Also the clip might be a bit too low key.

Modeling, animation and compositing done in blender.


It looks great, I am definitely interested in the shaders, I tried out 3Delight a while ago but I had no clue how to make the shaders look decent :stuck_out_tongue:

Riktigt najs :smiley:

Looks fine, I’m also interested in shader you used.