phone CABEL

did you ever needed phone cabel like this?

So, maybe you will an appreciate this .blend file to safe your time :slight_smile:

  • layer 1 - mesh, array, bezier
  • layer 2 - only bezier
  • layer 3 - mesh (armature in layer under)

For those who want’s to know more here is tutorial of some techniques:

First I used simple technique with mesh,array,bezier curve (or you can use bezier circle, bezier curve, bezier curve). These two are good in diferent ways. BUT in this way curve deform as empty space between cabel rotations as cabel.

So your chance is to use tricky view side for render (to hide deformation) or use bigger radius.

I looked for some more realistic so I tried to use armature that looked crazy for me, but finally it took me 15 min. to do whole cabel like this.

Video tutorial (11min/17MB):

video info: I used to play it 3x speed -dont bore you with my slow manipalation :slight_smile:

Sorry if I use some old or primitive modeling (I did it in a way that a know) So if you know how to get result faster please let me know, THNX
For armature I used Auto IK. that is fast but difficult to get position. For easier manipulation it needs setup IK solvers manual (but I don’t know how :slight_smile: for now.


  • use CTRL when ever you can
  • use Shift+S (to snap) in distance from object you can see your grid resolution you wont to snap
  • when you made your first bones correct your envelop Distance
    (because i didn’t find a way how to setup parameter for all of them by copying atributes, if you know let mi know please)