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Team Name -
Phonetic Studios

Current Project Title -

Game Pitch -
You’re stuck in a cave with only one way out, can you find it before time runs out and you have no light source? It doesn’t help that you’re all alone. At least, you think you are. Fight through the twists and turns of an in-depth, interactive cave to find the only way out–all while battling figments of your imagination in your struggle against insanity.

What we are looking for:
-2 Unreal blueprint programmers
-2 Animators
-1 Character Modeler
-3 Asset artists (Environmental and Character assets)
-2 Level designers
-2 Concept Artists (Environment and Monster/Character)
-1 UI / UX Artist
-1 Cinema producer
-1 Website Developer
-1 Graphic Designer (For Web)
-1 Texture Artist (For UV Mapping)

Meet the Team Leads:

Project Leader - Tessa
Lead 2d Artist - Nia
Lead 3d Artist and Lead World Designer - Waffle
Lead Programmer and Sound Effects Lead - AlegendsTale
Lead Writer - Wolf

What we offer to people on the team:

As a newer team, we try to make membership valuable to those who choose to join us. We work daily to discover new benefits for our team members. Here’s what we have so far:

  • We offer personal copyright to assets you create for the game, up until the public release of that game. Meaning you will keep all claims to your assets and can do with them as you please until the public release. If for some reason you leave the team at any point and do not give us direct permission to use your assets, we will remove them. Once a game is released to the public the asset will become copyrighted to the team.
  • Our website (though still under construction) will have a dynamic portfolio page. What this means is that any asset you make, whether officially used in the game or set aside for future team projects, will be posted on our website and you will have the right to use it for future job opportunities. Even after a public release of the game, the asset itself will still have your name tied to it.
  • We offer a quick-paced, friendly environment to all of our team members. Though some members may have differences, we all find a way to work as a team and get the job done. Being a part of a team like ours offers you the experience of working in professional game development with a production pipeline.
  • If you are someone who likes to lead projects, or wishes gain that experience, we can help with that! We often work in Game Jams (as long as they do not affect the main project). In these Jams we do allow the use of assets from the main project as long as they meet the requirements for the rules of the Game Jam. Also, if a smaller team participates in a Jam, credits are given for every role fulfilled. If someone does something different then their primary role, they will be credited as such. Game Jams are a good way to build experience and team strength.
  • A fun atmosphere. With this being a game design team we all believe in having a good time. Often you will see multiple members of our team sitting in chat working together, or even hanging out. In fact, a lot of us have grouped up to do other activities like gaming.

In the event a game we make is released and makes revenue -

If one of our games gets to the stage of making money, there will be a contract written up that will specify the details of payment before that point. We are currently in early development of the first game we plan to put on steam. We still don’t know if we are going to offer it as a paid game or free-to-play. When the team as a whole makes that decision, we will complete a written legal document if the game is going to generate revenue.

Interested in joining the team? Its fast and easy; Here’s how -

Simply copy this next segment of questions and paste it into an email. Fill out the information to the best of your ability.
Send the email to - [email protected]
Subject Line - <Your Name - Team Sign Up>
<The Subject lined must match exactly as above Just change the “Your name” Part. Otherwise you will not receive an email with further instructions for getting set up.>

First and Last name-
What is your end goal for joining this team?-
How much time can you put into the team per week?-
Link to Portfolio or previous projects worked on-
What role do you wish to fill in the team?-
What programs do you use?
If you’re a programmer, what languages do you know?
Do you work for another gaming company (Specifically one that has requirements for working on side projects)?

After you send the email, check your email. You will receive an email with further instructions shortly after.

We have no level of experience required to be a part of our team, so don’t hesitate to sign up. We have people that have been working in the game development field for 2 months. We have some that have been working in it for 10+ years. We are interested in talent and a good attitude over industry experience.

Please note that in submitting an email to us, you are thereby indicating that you have read and agreed to the following terms:

  • Once you are accepted to the team, we have the right to use your name for game purposes. For example, here at Phonetic Studios, we have a team member who works for Blizzard Entertainment. As an employee, he has to submit all projects he is working on to their side project department, including basic game information and Legal names of all people working on the team.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age. Or 16 with parental consent. We have nothing against younger people, however, if this game generates revenue we plan for each participant to receive a share. In order to get a share, you are required to sign a legal document. We are allowing people who are 16-17 to have their parents sign this document. In addition, they will have to assist you in the sign up to Paypal, which is how you will receive payment of your share.
  • Once a game is released to the public, all assets used in the game, regardless of who created them, will become copyrighted to Phonetic Studios. However, your name will still be attached to it and can be used as stated above.
  • We have the option to deny you entry into our team. We are looking for specific roles and varying workloads for each specific project we work on. Just because you don’t get accepted to the current project does not mean you will never get to work with our team. We also reserve the right not to use you in every project we complete.
  • You are not required to work a specified amount at any given time. There are no required hours of work. However, if you agree to work on an asset you’re expected to finish that asset in a timely manner as assigned by your lead.
  • If you partake in any part of the project you are working on, you will be credited in the credits screen.
  • Accepting assets to work on within a project is considered a commitment. Failure to do these tasks in a timely manner will result in removal from the project. We expect our team members to work together and complete assets as they’re needed. We can’t have a chain in the link breaking. No one is exempt from this.
  • We are an understanding team. Real life happens, and if this is the case you simply need to let your lead know. This will save you from any removal actions but will have your asset reassigned to someone else.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and hopefully applying to become apart of Phonetic Studios.

Tessa (Project Lead), and Phonetic Studios’ Team Members.