Phong's stupid questions: frame number padding

Normally Blender pads frame number of rendered images with enough zeroes to make it a four digit number. (i.e. frame 123 is saved as frame 0123)

Well, I found myself needing to add another zero to make the frame number a five digit number. Looked everywhere but I couldn’t find anything that lets me set the number of pads. Faced with having to possibly renumber 9999 frames, I realized I can do something really stupid and save myself the trouble.

Simply add a “0” to the end of the file name before the extension as in name the file “filename0” instead of “filename”.

Blender will automatically pad to four digits right after the “0” making the frame number padded to five digits. Render upto 9999 that way then take the “0” off after that. I know. Stupid. But it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, oh please if anyone knows a less stupid answer to this questions let me know. If I don’t hear anything I’m gonna submit this to blender projects.

There are programs that remane files. I don’t know anything other than that, but my dad has one, and when he gets home, I’ll ask.