Phorealistic Eye (CG Trader Awards)

Hi everyone,

Here is my attempt on creating photorealistic eye in blender. I made this work for CG trader awards competition (theme: photorealism) and now i’m thinking of improvements… If You have any idea that can make it more realistic please let me know in the comments. Criticism is always welcome! Thanks in advance!


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well, i am pretty sure the skin shader can be improved upon, but i don’t have concrete suggestion here.
however, i am missing the brow (shouldn’t it be visible as well, even partly?), and the eyelashes are strange. we should be seeing some kind of small “bulge” where the hair (individual eyelash) enters the skin (and the follicle is), and there has to be some variation in the color of the hair, as well as more glossy.
is this a woman’s eye? if so, shouldn’t we expect more make up?
the tear: it is more likely for tears to come from the tear ducts whose aperture is located at the corner of the eye (google it up to make sure), and certainly not in the middle of the eye. for a tear to come to the middle of the eye, i would expect the person to be looking straight and a little down, and not up.
have you looked closely at your own eyes? do they look similar to your image?

now, there is also a question of the narrative of the image. because the eye reflects so much, you can use it to tell a complete story. are there other people near the person. why is he/she crying? if you don’t have a story to attach to the eye, think of a story, and you will probably come up with all kinds of things to add/change.

i really think you did a god job so far, and there is a lot to be proud of in the picture. but to win a competition, you need to push yourself even further.

Why is the iris so monochrome? Usually it contains rich color (mostly one color, but sometimes has hints of a second one).

The texture in the eye white right now could use a higher resolution (the red veins look pretty fat compared to what you usually see).

It seems to me like there’s not a lot of light getting through the cornea to the eye surface.

Generally, if you’re competing on a site like CG Trader, you will come up against tough opponents (so it’s important to get a lot of the small details perfect). It’s also to be noted that a detailed eye is not an easy thing to pull off in CG (at least you’re not trying to animate it).

There is lovely detail in that close up. In addition to what oris and Ace have said, I would look a little closer at the tear drop, it’s surface tension would interact with the eyelashes rather than just cover over them. Also if there was a bright light shining in your eye, either your pupil would be very small or you would be squinting your eyelids.

Thanks all of You for feedback! Due to my experience from the past i didn’t expected such good quality comments. I’ll be posting some updates as soon as i make some changes to the project. Again big thanks to You!

Very nice. I agree with the others as well, especially about the teardrop and its interaction with the surrounds.

To me the texture change in the eye seem very abrupt. You have that veiny pinkish/orangish part and it doesn’t flow into the white part. Also the textures seem too different to read correctly, though that may have to do with the blending issue.

Very nice work!

The biggest problem I have with this scene is the tear.
Tears always come from the inside corner of your eye, not the middle.

I also agree about what the others said about various things.

Hi ! Amazing, it’s beautiful .
To quote:

The biggest problem I have with this scene is the tear.
Tears always come from the inside corner of your eye, not the middle.
would agree, but the tear could have slide , or moved somehow . It does not bother me .