Phoronix benchmarked a wide range of NVIDIA GPUs

Everyone interested in investing in a new NVIDIA GPU should have a look here:
They tested pretty much everything that is out there.


Very enlightening. Thank you.

And meanwhile they botched the AMD GPU rendering. Barbershop on a RX 580:

2.80: 14:40
2.81: Projected north of 30 mins (cancelled it halfway out of helplessness)

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Optix is indeed noticeably faster than CUDA. I just hope the Blender devs will add support for all Cycles features soon. Right now, ray-based nodes such as the Bevel node and the Ambient Occlusion node don’t work when using Optix.


Not too long ago those features didn’t even exist.
You remember when the RTX cards came out? How there was talk about if and when how it could have an impact on Blender? Then suddenly over night it was there. Optix support with approximately 2 times speedup.
Well, I have faith…
The guys are goooooood :wink:

Edit: in the last time I really have a feeling that there’s a bit too much emphasize on what’s to do rather than what cool stuff we have.


What I find interesting based on this test is the fact that there is only a marginal difference between RTX cards using OptiX. Is this really what Nvidia wants? A 2060 performing close to a 2080ti?

While I haven’t made up my mind completely on that one, I don’t think it doesn’t harm NVIDIA.
I tend to believe, it is a lucky incidence we can benefit this much from RTX.

Well isn’t it just because the render times are generally very short for these tests? I assume that it won’t just scale linearly as render time rises. I would like to see a bench test for much complex scene that would take lets say 1 hour to render on 4K with a single 2080ti.

Fair point.
When one really has the need to render frames which take that long, on top of the line hardware for Blender, isn’t it time to think about growing into a render farm?
Please keep in mind we are talking about benchmarks here. I think no one should expect to render the next Hollywood Blockbuster within a few minutes at home.


Well yes, but it is not just about rendering animations. Mere Archviz scene that is a bit high standard can be very demanding (still image not animation) yet deadlines remain tight no matter what. Some clients seem to ignore fact that render times are still a thing.

Nevertheless yes you can outsource to a farm, but I simply never adapt my taste to that. For me it is not as adaptive as I would like.

Yes OK, all fine. But since you are talking about a professional pipeline and deadlines. Would a more acurate Benchmark save the job?
I am no professional but isn’t trying to tackle such stuff with a lonely 2080ti a bit, well… ambitious?

Nope the benchmark was great (and thank you for link). I was just trying to point out that difference between 2060 and 2080ti might not be as tight as it looks like.

Btw I don’t want to go too much off topic but I will slide a bit… I know people are talking multi-GPU sets like it is a must etc. these days but it is not always as hot as it seems. Hell even single 2070 super or 16-32 core TR CPU are just god powerhouse incompare what people had their hands on 4 years ago. With such a gear you can do a lot of professional work so I wouldn’t underestimate “lonely 2080ti” :smiley: .

anyway interesting link, I like these tests so keep them rolling!

Thanks for all your inputs. I’m a freelancer 3D generalist and motion designer. I think most of my needs regarding GPU are the preview velocity, because for rendering or:

  1. I can let it rendering over nigh;
  2. I can pay for a render farm (if the project and its budget needs).

For small projects and personal projects, I think overnight rendering is very doable. So I might consider to switch to a RTX 2070 (I do have two GTX 1070 right now).

What do you think?

Seeing that my once mighty GPU is now the baseline on that benchmark scale really hurts my self esteem.

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It really depends does your GTX 1070 still suits your need? If so you might wait half a year (save some money meanwhile) then buy 7nm NVIDIA ampere GPU. Rumors are that it could be really something and that RTX 20s where just a start.

But really it is up to you and your needs

well, again & again - for highly complex lighting/shading RTX really is a bad joke pulled on gamers
yup, i have no regrets investing on AMD’s new CPUs utilizing 2nd hand GPUs until next gen shows up - then I might take a look again

This is very true!