photo: antique books

Here are some antique books I’m thinking of posting to my web page. This image was actually taken with a flash and then retouched for contrast and color. First time I’ve done that. It worked really well except for the fact that the light is directly behind the lens. Oh well. Should take up some space on the server any way. :slight_smile: The book on the upper right that’s cut off is called Prairie and Rocky Mountain Adventures and was published in 1868.

nice photo,its hard to get nice looking photos with flash,but you have done a god job with post pro.

i have a collection of antique books too,the most antique that i have is the bible(history of old and new testament),is in old french,dated 18 december 1669.

keep posting nice photos.
cheers leon.

1669?!! wow. That’s amazing. Must either have been very expensive or you inherited. Real treasure.

My first antique, a gift from my grandmother, was actually a bible too. At least I think it is, it’s some kind of religious text. It’s written in some eastern European language though and I couldn’t tell what. The copyright is also from the 1800’s sometime, I’d have to look. Cool thing about it is it’s bound in ivory and has a brass hook lock. You can actually see it in the above photo in the upper left corner, the big white blank space.

1669? Reminds me of The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp.