Photo booth animation

Hey all,

complete newb here. Used Max loads, decided to swap over to Blender just for the lulz more than anything else (well, there’s reasons, I’ve got a project I want to play about with and thought learning Blender would be a fun way to pursue it… The software looks ace, peoples results are amazing, and the community is loads of fun so should be an interesting year :slight_smile: )

Anyhow, I’m teaching at an art college and mentioned to them about Blender and we cooked up a nice project for all the depts to get involved with and I’m stuck with my side. We’re going to get the photography dept to take portrait pix, the art teachers to do designed portraits and then use Blender to make a photo booth style box with four pictures in a strip being taken and then falling into the slot to be collected ((does that make sense? Sorry, been a long week)). So sort of the Amelie photo strip style.

Anyhow it seems easy enough on the face of it (make a box, couple of boolean cut outs, maybe make a curtain just for fun, bit of texturing, rigid body phsyics on the strip of photos, animated lighting) but I can’t find a tutorial that has something similar. Anyone noticed a tutorial that would do what I need? and… um… fairly dumbed down? :slight_smile:

No problem, you can easity do your project in Blender.

I don’t think you are going to find any Photo booth tutorials. Here are a couple of ideas on how some of this could work.
For the curtain I would try using a cloth sim. You can select Verts at the top of the curtain, add them to a vertex group that can be used for Pinning the cloth. Then add hooks along the top. Animate the hooks to move from the closed to open position and then bake the cloth.

For the photo strip, if I recall correctly, the strips come off a roll and as such tend to be curved. With this in mind, I would use a curve guide to animate the strip coming out of the slot and then falling into the tray.