Photo Editing Nodes for Compositor

I have created a Pack of nodes which allow you to add Photo Editing Effects, to your render without leaving Blender! Currently it has got 15 nodes but I will keep updating it…
All of them are very simple to understand and the whole pack is for free!
Download it from here:


I think I’ve found a problem. Your addon adds the following images to any .blend file scene, even when you’re not using the addon (which is a problem, especially when you pack images in your scene):

  • Frame
  • metal_scratched.png.001
  • Paint Splatter.png.001

Make the next test. Open blender in Cycles with default cube. Open UV image editor, then you can find the images in the Browse Image button.

Using Blender 2.78 and v 3.2 addon.

You should have probably set the add-on to turn on automatically when Blender starts. Hence, it loads the textures

Looks very useful, thanks for sharing!