Photo Film

Another piece created to learn Blender. This work focused on replicating a photo. Created this in 6-7 hours with a lot of test rendering to match the photo. Working from a photo is a great way to learn not only about object structure but the way light hits objects, shadows, and composition. Enjoy!


update: went with third render - overall cleaner focus on right film roll with lighter compositing.

The glare is maybe a bit overdone and there doesn’t seem to be any real focus point since everything is a bit blurry. Otherwise it’s pretty good though, keep going. :slight_smile:

Here is an updated version. I opened up the aperture a bit to bring more into the main focal area and adjusted the composite nodes for the glare to bring it down a pinch since I was getting some areas blown out. Let me know which is preferred.

And a render right in the middle with a bit more closed aperture with same composite settings as the second render. Let’s see which one everyone prefers.