Photo Image Question

I have been researching software to use on a project I need to complete. I’m not sure if Blender is the right one. I need to be able to upload a photogragh of, for instance, a tennis shoe and then overlap a pattern over parts of it. The object is to create one shoe with several different styles or “looks” depending on the fabric it can be made with. Can anyone tell me if Blender is the right choice and if not do you have any suggestions of a better alternative?
Thanks much-

Sounds like a job much more suited to photoshop, or gimp, unless you want more interactivity like a spin around. But that would mean you actually model the shoe/item completely. if your just retouching a photo, blender can’t help much. Hope that’s helpful.

I would agree with that. Of course, if you’re talking about creating the different parts of the shoe, then blender could do this. But either way, actually compositing the new parts onto the original shoe is probably a job for Photoshop or the GIMP.