photo manipulations...scary

well, i figured since i suck at blender :wink: i would show you some artwork i don’t suck at to much…

“the nightmare”

“true stranger”

“falling apart”

'shut me up"

well, thats all(sorry you 56k people out there) all this is made 100% by me…oh and they are all pictures of me to :]

HOLY that top pic is creepy.
Can’t see any others though.

That first pic is a picture of you? I certainly hope I never run across you in a dark alley :-?

Just kidding. Cool work. Wish I could see the other three.

hmm, im not sure what the deal is here…but, i spose you could just go here to see the pictures:

Top pic looks like something out of the a thumb* movie…

Oh man…Those gallery images are SCARY! :o
Ho…Man… :o

yeah, as you can tell, i have a knack for the macabre/horror sometimes…