photo: power lines

It just occured to me that it would be nice to have some photos around here. I didn’t realize you were already there. :slight_smile: I’ll have to start reading traditional now. Some nice photos here that I didn’t get coment on.

I don’t know if this image is too big. If I resize any smaller the lines begin to disapear. I was going to go with an icon and a link but then I’d have to format a page.
I don’t really like this style but the image has a nice sky.

very nice photo,would be nice to play some more with the contrast,to make the tree stand out.

hey, thanks leon. Here’s another try (wonder if it shouldn’t just replace above). Kind of makes the power transformer difficult to see.
Probably too much contrast. Feel free to download and play. [link] Focus is bad, it’s at the clouds.

great work! i really like the way you worked the photo,adds a nice mood.

Thanks leon. I’ll probably use this on a wall in a 3D scene. I guess the image would be improved by the removal of the spruce. I appreciate your input.