Photo-real render honest critique wanted

Really nice! Thanks for taking the time to do that, I agree the dirt needs work and that paint over really helps to connect the toy to the ground.

Interesting, I like the idea of adding heat distortion, and I’ll see how it looks if I ‘dry’ the road up a bit. Thanks for the advice!

All really good points, thanks! I’ll take a look into these!

For me, it’s very simple. What would it take for me to not realize this is not a photo? Easy. Remove the human and you’re done. You can move on to a new project. From an artistic standpoint, the human doesn’t add to the story for me anyway.

Don’t add clouds.

What’s wrong with no clouds? This looks like the average Arizona sky, and the terrain looks deserty anyways. Leave the sky as is.

Don’t make the toy dirtier.

The goal was to create a realistic render. It’s already realistic. Adding more detail is changing the story and composition. Why does the toy have to be dirtier? Because a clean toy that was carefully placed on the path is completely unfathomable? Leave it. It’s art at the end of the day. It looks wet enough.

Pretty sure you already know what you need to change to make it better and you don’t need a lot of nitpicks to get there.

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Just a small point, but if the rabbit has been run over by the car, then I would expect to see it more squashed and with tire tread marks over the top of it, as well as being pushed into the dirt. As it looks now, it appears as if the Humvee drove down the track and only afterwards the rabbit was dropped.
Other than that I agree with others - just get rid of the soldier. It doesn’t really add anything, and it distracts a bit from the story.

Incredible work! This conveys a lot of emotion but for me the person in the picture doesn’t do anything and as others have said it would probably be a stronger image without him. This looks very photorealistic as is but without him would be even better. I would perhaps add some more grass/plants smushed into the mud and maybe some dust blowing around but otherwise this is very detailed and is top notch work!

Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I’ll take this onboard!