Photo-realistic AK-47

I’am back with Beatifull Ak-47:D

3 Different angle ope you love it:yes:

Can I get a clay render of that? Because from what I see it looks a little flat…

It may be a great model with great textures but with that lighting and render who would know.


Yeah, I agree with Dog, it looks flat. Also, why did you take a screenshot and crop it?

Here’s a site with great refs for AK-47
Work on the model more so that it looks more realistic.

…almost. just…almost got it.

Even through all that fog you put to hide complete lack of detail we can see that model is worlds away from being photo-real. Nothing wrong with that. But real guns don’t have large sections of texture stretching from a poor UV map. That thing looks low enough detail to be in call of duty 1.

Sorry keep at it. And maybe next time don’t claim photo-realism in the title because it kind of works it up.

photo-realistic… lol, it be a decent low detail model with a side view picture as a texture.

I think a little bit more work on the modelling first, than the texturing…

but it’s pretty good for a beginner

indeed not realistic… u need to learn much mate =D

start with specular maps and normal maps…

after that lighting–