Photo Realistic Cucumber (1st Attempt)

Photorealistic Cucumber 1st Attempt :slight_smile:

-Ubuntu 10.10
-Blender 2.56a (Modelling/Composite/Rendering)
-Gimp 2.6 (Color Correction)

Laptop Spec:
-Intel Pentium T4200 @ 2.00GHz
-3 GB ram

HD Render time: 9 Minutes

How you guys thinks? Thanks for watching :wink:

I love the way u used the texturing an all, but I dont think i would eat that if my life depended on it…

Just kidding, it looks quite tasty actually!

Thanks Guss! :stuck_out_tongue:
It just testing for realism rendering :slight_smile:

Well, it might be geographical, but where I live that´s no cucumber. That´s a zucchini.

Really? I never heard zucchini (yeah really - just looking wiki about zucchini - look like same :P)
where do you live? Im interesting to know because the funny is, my place never had called Zucchini :slight_smile:
Its might be geographical

Like my profile says in austria.
Zucchini is the italian name, which is also used in the states.
Botanical it is called courgette and in british english green squash.

That´s a cucumber (Gurke) here:

And here Zucchini:

I think the sharp creases and the texture of the skin and the thick end represent a Zucchini better.
There are also Zucchini that got a strip-ish texture more that those dots, they look even more similar to the pumpikns from which they all originate, zuchhinis and cucumbers alike. They are all Cucurbitaceae (bot.).

I guess we need to cut your model open and look inside to be sure :smiley:

wow, nice information. Really quite difference here.

Here Cucumber (Timun) here at Malaysia (I live at Batu Caves, famous indian temple but im not indian lol)

(Look, at my place cucumber has no bump map, that y i dont put bump map, :stuck_out_tongue:
its very smooth & round )

Look same as my 3D, its called “Timun”=Cucumber.
Usually serve food for spicy dish. like down here nasi lemak(direct translate: Fat Rice)

(Timun been slice n serve)

:smiley: now i understand other people said(post other forum,they said “no bump?”)
Finally, i will cut my Timun to be sure :smiley:

Thanks again very huge arexma!

now im hungry dangit :slight_smile: i like the pic and the dof but the cucumber texture looks a bit gritty, great photorealism otherwise

Nice one. Some little water droplets on it may increase it’s realism.

Ah, your cucumbers are very much alike the japanese ones you use for maki.
We got similar ones too. We call them “Feldgurke” which basically means “fieldcucumber” which is ridiculous as the others come from there too. It is a smaller type of cucumber with less water and seeds inside and more flesh.

Yours seem even smaller like our “Gurkerl” which means “cucumberling” and we use them to make pickles, they´ll be put in vinegar with mustard and herbs to make them durable and tasty and call them “Essiggurke” - “vinegarcucumberling”.
(Those are no actual english words, they are literally translated.)

Quite intresting :smiley:

Images of “Essiggurken”
Images of “Feldgurken”

Yesterday at dinner I was looking through the mail and we got many flyers from grocery stores again and I thought we could make a thread where we scan those and post them up for the fun of it. I love food and I think it would be intresting to see what various countries are selling as “regular food”
Personally I order a lot of food in japan, simply because they got awesome stuff you don´t really get here.
It is one of the good sides of globalization… who would have thought 30 years ago you could eat food from all over the world that people didn´t even knew existed. :smiley:

Back to your work though :smiley:
It is funny when someone says you´r cucumber doesn´t look realistic, while it is a matter of perception. What looks perfectly like a cucumber from your country might disturb someone from Europe because ours look different ^^
However, IMO the cucumber could use a specularity map and SSS. If your cucumbers are like ours, the green parts should be pretty shiny, while the yellow parts are rather dull, as those are the only 2 colors it should be rather easy to simply generate a specularity map from a level adjusted grayscale of your texture map.
And for SSS you got to experiment if it looks better to scatter yellow or green :smiley: