Photo realistic games are here!

Are we entering a new era of realism? What are the consequences?

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That is so realistic - for a while I was just thinking that it was a “real” shoot - there was actually nothing there that I caught which could be considered as computer generated.

Yeah that’s exactly what I thought too. Like somebody was making a spoof of a video game but in the real world. It’s crazy that kids are going to grow up on these kinds of games, and with oculus rift it’s going to get even more real. I wonder what its doing to their brains?
They let you keep the little piece they cut out…

It’s pretty good. There’s a good amount of aliasing, some low res textures, and the materials aren’t completely accurate. It seems like a lot of games are relying more on post processing to achieve realism. Once wonders what this demo would look like without all the vignettes, color grades, glows and chromatic aberration. It is undeniably very good, but not photorealistic, I think. You do bring up an interesting question about the consequences of this ever more rapidly increasing technology. It’s probably something I need to think about for a little while.

As a side note, I think Get Even looks more believable than this, and that didn’t even fully convince me (though it still is incredible).

I don’t think that is realtime gameplay

Hm you might be right, though it should still theoretically look as good in realtime because they’re using high res scan data for the environment. Also shakycam. Lots of shakycam.

Wow that’s really impressive! The part where he put together the camera looked like it was a cycles render. I always dreamed of the day when video games would be photo realistic, now that it’s almost upon us, I kind of can’t believe it.