Photo-Realistic Kitchen

About two and half weeks of modeling and over 20 hours of rendering and my first photo-realistic scene was complete. I used LuxRender for the rendering and Blender for the modeling as well as Gimp to add my name at the bottom. Let me know what you think of it! The image is way to big to post on here, and it would take to long to re-render it with LuxRender so ill just post the link, sorry.

“One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit for more information.”

You must have worked hard on this, well done. Try making the scene through the window less intense and bright, other wise its great.

The wires to your suspended pendents are lost in the glare

Ya thats a good point, never thought about that, thanks for pointing it out.

pretty good! however… the lighting needs a LITTLE help. the shadows look too sharp edged. but other than that very good!

Looks ok but could be alot better.

Did you take the advice given in WIP section? The image posted there and this one look very similar.

Some quick crits: Obviously too much noise/fireflies. Especially for 20 hours. If you followed a tutorial you have to think that render settings will be different for each scene for optimal results so its important to read some theory first to get an understanding of how the render engine works and how light interacts with materials. Not saying you haven’t but if that is the case, i suggest you do so. Did you use Metro/Bi-Directional method? Check mutation size.

The room looks pretty bare and empty. No major drama here really but you could have added some objects on the bench at least and/or around the room as was stated in WIP to make it a little more interesting

Lighting/shadows are too sharp and still don’t match the outside image.

There are no buttons/knobs for the oven and there are no stove plates!

Finally, posting a link to your image is fine imo but please don’t use PNG. Its unnecessary. Especially for poor bastards like me who have been capped for the month and are at 56k speeds. In Luxrender you can save out your render in openEXR format. Do all your post processing/tonemapping using this format and then when finally done save it out as a JPEG. You won’t see any difference as long as you don’t do anymore post processing with the JPG afterwards.

Hope this can help you with future projects as i don’t mean to be too harsh because i know you are just starting out in 3D.