Photo realistic redering system

here is a link to a great renderer i found called sunflow

It’s a nice rendering engine, but it’s suffering from two years of bit-rot.

to be honest i thought sunflow was dead.

@meatlover: why not just use Luxrender? or Indigo’s demo even (it has limitations yes, but it is unbiased nonethless)?

it’s suffering from two years of bit-rot.

to be honest i thought sunflow was dead.
That’s the kind of passive freebie attitude that have killed many small FOSS projects, and will kill some more in the future.

Seems that it’s better using a restricted demo of a propietary software than using a very valid free open source software that can use some our help till better times arrive.

Well heres a bit more. It can’t render an alpha channel, no fake glass + transparent shadows, can’t do render passes and as it’s based on Java, it’s a memory hog. There are some great renders on the sunflow site to show it off. But some of the basics I’ve just mentioned limit it’s appeal compared to Yafaray for example.

btw if anyones affraid of killing a FOSS project then why do developers not pick Sunflow up instead pf reinventing the wheel again like with Yafaray, not that I’m interested or questioning anyones decisions, each to their own. Just hyperthetical.

I love / loved Sunflow and used it a lot, really clean renders easily. But I couldn’t use another application effectively whilst it was running (Dual Core + 2GB Ram) it slowed my machine to a stand still.

Looking forward to Chris or another taking it on and moving it forward, it would be sad to see it die a slow death. Sure the code lives on but whatever…

Have fun meatlover it is a nice renderer all the same.


I will tell you a secret. In the YafRay/YafaRay project, all lead programmers last for an average of two years and then leave. But, after 8 years, the project is still alive, with a great deal of shortcommings as well.

The fact that propietary rendering solutions ‘penetrate’ the Blender Community has to do not only with their ‘superior’ set of features, but with the fact that there is fragmentation and ‘non-strong’ projects in the open source side.

Those FOS projects languish or die not only because developers leave, but because the kind of attitude you see in the missages above.

The percentatge of people willing to collaborate will be always small regardless of the project, and those small project do have small user bases. However, without a bit of education on open source culture, those percentatges will get only worse.

Projects die not only because developers leave, but because users leave as well.

I wish some one would pick up this project again, the gallery is extremley impressive, to be honest i’d say some of the stuff look’s better than lux/ Vray et al. Extremley impressive rendering engine and pretty quick too.

Btw 2GB of RAM isn’t alot nowadays so i’m not surprised you can’t do much else with it, like 99% of the rendering engines out there.

So yea, if there are any developers out there, would it be possible to have a look at the possibilties, i’d be happy to even donate directly to a developer(s) to get this going again.

So yea, if there are any developers out there
I mean, how many present and past sunflow users and supporters expect that project is going to survive with virtually zero documentation. Are you waiting for Christopher or for another developer to take on this job as well? :no:

Sorry poster, but you should have researched a bit more before posting. You can get most of this info from their site…and I must re-iterate…“JAVA!” who the hell makes a renderer in java…one of the number one places where speed and memory count the most…java’s 2 weakest points.

for me that is always a problem with some external render the expections I have found are yafaray and lux which have well maintained and active site with very good documentation that keeps getting better with time. I just find that when you have no documentation trying to figure out things by tweaking this and that becomes zero fun.

I am just waiting to see how to 2.50 will change Blender relationship with external renderers. I am hoping its for the better the more seamless it is to use, the better. I have been following the render api thread and all looks good.

Quality is impressive, but speed, flexibility and mass of options VRay offers Sunflow doesn’t compare, unfortuneatly. But then it’s not a fair comparison. :frowning:

re 2GB ‘nowadays’, I was talking about 3 or 4 years ago when it was first introduced on BA by Sunflower himself which is when I started using it.

I have 8GB and a 64bit machine. Not that that is anything special these days. :slight_smile: But it’s efficiency over wastefulness that counts whatever the spec / task, like a couple of other render engines I won’t mention. :slight_smile:

Radium renderer was also looking promising and that also didn’t last long. It was a Java engine as well.

If it were being actively developed i’d offer to do some documentation.

i had a go, hard to get it right::yes:
maybe good for some things.

If it were being actively developed i’d offer to do some documentation.
I believe you should do it regardless of whether there is an active developer or not. If users add value to a project, that project will become more attractive for new developers.

What is it with people banging on about blender using java (since we’d have so many more devs!), but all existing OSS/3D projects using java flopping, staying in alpha, generally not becoming very useful.

why, if you get a good render out of it then its worth it.

That is me, I’m completely biased when it comes to java…I’ve seen too many holes in it due to the closet developer…aka a guy that just learns some hello world printf() and then finds java etc etc…that may not make sense, and I am not trying to get on someone for trying to learn something(that is actually very nifty in my book)…I will zip it(my mouth) for now…never thought of it as “trolling”, but re-reading certainly does seem like it.