Photo-realistic renders of smart watch and display

Hi, I need highly photo-realistic rendering of smart watch, I myself a 3d artist and I use blender, but I am not able to achieve the level of realism I am in need. So I need help, watch design is simple, but my model is not really good so I want you to do work from scratch, you don’t necessarily want to use Blender only, any tool is fine I just need images.
I need realism more than the attached image, I will discuss more with the interesting person.

What kind of realism are you really looking for? The ones you have seem fine.
I mean, specifically, what level of detail or texture or material work do you need done? Does it need to be placed in a real setting, like on a display with a background scene or on a wrist being used?

Pm sent. Have a great day.

Pm sent =)

Hi, If you need some help all put in my Demo Reel is the link for it.