Photo Realistic Trees

I am mostly looking at tree trunks, and cant seem to get the image of tree bark to look like it should. Am I using the wrong object to make tree trunks? Or is the image too small? Or not long enoguh?

could you be more specific about what your doing, i mean your obviously making a tree or at least a tree trunk but we dont really know what you mean by the image is bad or if your using the wrong object if you could post some screenshots of whats happening when you render it or anything it would help.

are you looking for something like this?

Yes, I want the tree to look like that.

ok well if all i did for that was make a circle and extrude it down (should probably use a cylinder…) then in photoshop i took this picture of bark (it was the first picture i found im sure you could find something a bit better if you searched longer)

then i tiled it a bit in photoshop, tiled it really badly for that matter, i would normally spend some time blending it together but whatever…

i put the cylinder in face select mode and used the projection unwraper and just scaled them a bit thinner so they only covered a realistic amount of the texture instead of like a tree with a 10 foot circumfrence squished onto a tree with a 3-4 foot circumfrence. and then i applied the texture to the cylinder and set it to be a UV map and then turned on nor and kept putting it up untill it looked like a tree.

you should probably mess around with specularity a bit and hardness because if you look at my tree the top looks almost wet. i didnt really do that because i just wanted to know what you were looking for.

hope something like that fixes your problem.

How did you get to be able to tilt it, every time I try to do anything to the texture it says i cant because the layer is locked?

if your talking about in photoshop which i think you are, your probably working in a background layer, or you have not selected the picture. so you can either copy the layer by going to the layer menu and clicking duplicate layer and then delete the original background layer and you should be able to change it or, if the problem is that you havent selected it you should just be able to go into the select dropdown and click select all. and i hope you were talking about photoshop because if you were talking about the layers in blender i have no idea.