Photo-realistic window scene

Hey everyone, I created this scene today with the theme of photo-realism in mind. Everything was modeled in Blender and rendered with Cycles at 2k samples, post production done in Photoshop and Lightroom. Im pretty happy with the results, hope you guys enjoy and thanks for viewing!

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Real nice render.
As you meant this photorealistic, here are some architectural nitpicks:

the windows’s framing is not that realistic. or if this is based on real photo than its a really bad construction.

The openable window and it’s framing should have a connection like .
It should not be this complex if its older construction but an L shaped connection between the pieces is usual.
If it really is as this pic than if you close it there will be an inevitable slim line between the two pieces where strong wind will surely scream in.

Also if the bigger window piece is not fixed (openable) than a handle and pivot-irons are missing.

Thanks for the comment and critique man, I agree I could have done more with the window. I just got stoked to post and might have rushed it a bit haha. the entire project took 3 hours total to complete.