Photo-shoot style backgrounds?

How do people create photo-shoot style floors/backgrounds for rendering their models with?

Like in this scene here, taken from the Blender gallery - There are shadows on the floor, yet it seems to continue forever into the background - How is that achieved?

it’s a big plane that curves upward after the end of the car

Do you know how the artist has made it so there’s no shadowing - So there’s no evidence of the curve?

be gentle with your curve and set smooth. this is from my lib/mesh/props collection.

Thanks for that.

You’re welcome! Have a great day.

One of the things that you can easily achieve in CG, which you cannot achieve easily with real-film, is absolutely even lighting over an arbitrarily-large surface.

Furthermore, you can have things which simply do not exist in the real world: - Lights that cast shadows instead of light. - Lights that can shine right “through” an object that they have been programmed not to “see.”

and don’t forget negative lights…when when colored take away a specific color. soooo bizarre.

It’s an old studio photographer’s trick that’s been around forever. 3D artists just adopted the trick from them. Papasurf is correct, it just bends upwards in the background so there’s no line/crease to see.