Photo shooting video with blender enhancments

I am Michael from Germany. A friend of mine is professional photographerfor people and fashion.
He asked me to make a Making Of about a photo shooting on a big funfair in Düsseldorf
last month. A bride and a groom liked to have such pictures after their wedding. Some of
the pictures he made had to appear in the video. Because just showing the pictures
seemed a bit too simple to me I used Blender to integrate the bride pictures into simple animations.
I used only very few lamps. Most light comes from halo materials with animated textures to
simulate the light bulbs on the funfair like here:

I used Blender 2.48a for all animations in the video and Gimp for picture manipulation. The Video is on YouTube:

You can find the blend file of the scooter here if you like:

I nearly new to Blender and do not use it so much. I am more active in the classical video domain. But I found it easy to do simple
animations along a path. Please feel free to comment and give tips for enhancement. Have fun,

Halos dont emit light, they just glow like increasing the emit value.

Very Cute! so much better than a 5cm thick wedding album book!

Thanks for the comments so far. Thats why we make such photos. There is much interest in such
kind of wedding photos here in Germany. We already shot in a piggery :slight_smile:
@tomrebel2: Of course you are right, the halos do not emit light that illuminates the scene. So my
description was not correct. BTW, anyone has a simple idea how to emulate hundreds of blinking
bulbs without placing hundreds of lamps?