Photo Story Open Source Equivalent

I want to create a video slide show just like what can be done on Photo Story. Does anyone know of an equivalent program? Is there an easy way to do it with Blender with subtle zooming and sliding effects? is DVD Slideshow GUI by tin2tin. Pretty good and uses OSS tools (I think) to perform the functions.

My one quibble with it is the kludgy animation (pan& scan) interface and the lack of a library of some basic motions. The project I was going to use it for was over 300 pictures, so setting up the motion with the existing interface for that many shots was too daunting a task. In Photo Story (what I ended up using) at least all the slides were assigned some basic motion selections starting out, then I could flip thru them and tweak them as desired pretty easily. (tin2tin: download and try this out as an example of a pretty good way to do this, interface-wise.)

In other ways, DVD-SG would have been much easier as it produced the DVD-ready footage right within the app. For PS3 I had to frameserve the resulting WMVs to HC Encoder via AVISynth and author with an additional app (can’t recall what I used.) (Tho in retrospect, its likely that Windblow’s own editor could’ve created a DVD for me… not sure, not tried.)