Photo textures.

This is my first try when using photos that i have taken myself and i am extreamly pleased with the result.

excellent work. if that rock and surfaces had a little fractal or textured displacement on it it would be photo real. how do you post images directly in your post like that anyway? I tried using <img src=""> but that doesn’t work, and I don’t like the attachment thumbnails.

You use the image button and just add the hoptlink but you need a image host that allows dirtect hotlink you could use but its in swedish :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but i’m afraid i have to say that posting a 2MB picture directly is considered bad habit.

Excellant :smiley:

Imageshack allows hotlinking to pictures. Nice texture MorMor.:slight_smile:

Thanks dudes :smiley: Im actually right now rendering a full res full quallity gi yafray vearsion but im afraid the texture on the bigger rock/mountain will look blurry.