Photo to 3D help request

Hello everyone I’m a new member here and I’m wanting to know how to model a picture into 3D. But Please somebody help me on how to model a photo.

hi, welcome to blender. first you have to learn the blender 3d interface. learn to model small objects. their r may tutorials at download them and study them you will be able to model from a photo. The most important do visit this forum whenever u get time. you will learn new techniques. all the best.bye

the only thing close I could find close to modeling a picture at is only making a 2D logo into 3D but here’s the tutorial talking about photo assisting I found at Wikipedia on at Step Two. I’ve heard stuff mentioning about GIMP for Blender and I’d like to ask; what is GIMP? But other than that I’m still needing help on completing this tutorial.

gimp is an image editor. like photoshop. fully free. u can download it and use it. the tutorial at…e_into_a_Puppy is nice. it explains well. try it.

I have been reading it and trying it but I don’t know how to do it.

hey chris im on here now and i think you probably just need to read it agin and finish all the totorials so you will know what your doing.

hi, start with a small model. go to the tutorials section at and download the video them. u will be able to understand. then go to the wiki site and study again… all the best

The turning a cube into a puppy tut is almost unusable. I’m not surprised you’re having difficulty following it, it is so trashed with missing information and misleading user comments. Try Modélisation d’une voiture dans Blender (it’s also in English, same page). He’s using blueprints instead of photos, but the principal is the same. The key is to have two photos, a front view and a side view (top views are not always needed unless there is a lot of detail visible only in top view, as with a car.)

Modeling a 3D sculpture from a single photo is much more difficult, since you are missing information on the depth of the vertices.

For 2D image programs to supplement Blender (for image scaling, rotating and cropping, painting textures, etc) I use Gimp and Irfanview, both free.