photogrametry retopo setup: Get projection from scaned mesh and image

Hey guys,

I have a very specific retopo-problem.

I have a 3d scaned object and a have an image that is a photo of that object. Both, the mesh and the image is in high resolution. We cant use the mesh for our game becouse it has like 1m vertecies so i have to do a retopo of it.

On Order to do a clean retopo i have to use both, the highpoly mesh and the image as reference.
My Problem now is to figure out how to do the projection of the image to my wip lowpoly object.
I have to somehow set a camera that is the same to the camera when we took the photo.

Since i have the mesh and the image it should theroreticaly be possible to let the programm calculate the camera.
Like i could tell the programm where some points of the mesh are and where the corresponting points in the image are, and then the programm should be able to calculate the camera. (i mean line field of view, distance and so on)

And from that camera i get i could do my projection to my lowpoly model.

I hope i was able to express myself i also dont know if this is the right topic where to post this.
Pls Help :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reply. this is a bit more complicated, and what to do depends on the image. if the high poly mesh has a UV map that corresponds to the 2D image, then you can do a Bake. if you have access to Substance Painter, then i can walk you through it, as its very easy to do it in substance.
however, in blender, its a bit more complicated, i suggest you do some research into Baking Diffuse Maps In Blender From One Object To Another.

if the high poly does not have a UV map, or one that corresponds to the 2D image, then im afraid i cannot help you. i know Quixel is really good with projection painting, but that is an expensive and complicated piece of software.

if you need further help with this, then i suggest you make a new post specifically about Projection Painting, in the Texturing section of this forum, as this is not something modellers specialize in. Blender does not have those features as far as i know, but im not 100% sure, pehaps there are addons for it. The texturing department should know :wink:

thanks for your reply,

Well the mesh has not a uv layout yet. At least not one i can use.
Right now main Problem is to get the right values for the Camera witch i want to use for the projection.

You might be right, the Texture department might be the right place for this. Im sorry, i was very unsure where to post this.

@ moderator: could you pls move this to the texture department?

Hey man, thanks for your reply,

Sadly i hav no uv layout i can use for a bake.

My main problem right now is to do the camera matching.
I think ill try the texture deparment then :smiley:

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