Photogrammetric Cylinder

Hi everyone,

I think we can call this finished. It is special construction made of wood, that I plan to build in real life.
First render is made in Blender, and plan is made in Gravit Designer with the help of Blender.

I also blurred all measurements on the back page, for safety.


Maybe more details/info, what is it and why? I’m sorry if it’s supposed to be straightforward to understand cause I don’t…

Sorry for poor description, I am a little bit cautious until I will build a real prototype.

Basically it is an add-on for my already existing photogrammetry device, that you can see it in my first thread on this forum, somewhere on last pages.

The reason is that I decided to make a living from selling 3d models, which will contain photogrammetry too.
Therefore I invented this thing, to get best results as possible. Because I think people likes quality, so do I.

Once I will build a real prototype I describe it even more, including some photos. So please, stay tuned.

what is it !! ?

Perhaps you can add a link to that topic?

Oh yes, sorry for that.

Here is first version: Edson ED-3

And second: Edson ED-3

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Thanks! Can you talk a bit more about what it does? After watching those topics and the video I still have no idea :slight_smile:

I can try but no promises. :smile:

So here is very basic description.
That pohotogrammetry device will rotate the photographed object, and that wood construction will surround the photographed object. And that’s it, bacisally.

That wood construction is meant to be vertically by the way, and there will be sheet on inner side of the circle, so emitted light won’t fly away. Emitted light will came from lamps, which are not displayed on this renders.

I hope it is a little bit more clear now, but again, photos will be best for understanding.

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A few photos from production of wood construction.
There are 18 pieces of the part H1, and I wanted to make them very accurate.
But since I haven’t any professional equipment, at least I did a modification to classic angle grinder.
And it works perfectly, all 18 pieces are totally identical, so I am very curious how it will look when I build that.

Some new photos, I hope it is not annoying.
A finished circles, and bolts pattern.

Almost finished, just before varnishing.
I only need to improve some details and strenght of the whole construction.

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