Photogrammetry of a picke

what a mess. it took me days to get the photography right, the photogrammetry, the retropology and the texture baking halfway good. it’s not perfect yet, but I’ve learned a lot. and now I have a digitized picke. congratulations :smiley: I built the pick to participate in polyhaven s competition. besides, it was something new for me.

i used metashape, substance designer for baking und blender for rendering, generating hi/lo poly and the retro.


Nice job.

I’ve been playing with photogrammetry too, but for creating textures rather than assets.

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looks really nice !

I tried many free apps for photogrammetry without good usable textures.

Is the one you used ( metashape ) free to use and performing ?

congratz for this great work !

About your 1st picture: is it a photo of the real object ? or the 3D result ?

Happy blending ! :slight_smile:

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That looks great!

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thank you. all what you see here is 3d. it is the result with a polyhaven pbr ground texture.
as i know metashape is not free to use. some time ago i paid 150 euro (if i remember correctly) fot the standard version.
there is a free photogrammetry software called meshroom - its okay but not as comfortable as metashape or reality capture.
but compared to reality capture it is a one time payment (reality capture is a strange abo model)

@DMG @HandicapGamer thank you guys!

thanks @xeonow for those infos.

I used meshroom too. But i didn’t get great result. i guess my input photos ( coming from a video ) did not have enough quality…

For the final result, congratz ! it is really stunning ! :smiley:

Happy blending !

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Well, no matter how you did it, you certainly came up with something that looks exactly like a real tool. Well done. In the first shot, it looks entirely like “it is lying there on the ground.” If you’d have told me that it was a photograph, I would believe you.

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maybe it will be part of the models that polyhaven offers. then everyone can have it for free. whatever you want to do with it :smiley:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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very good…

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Looks great :+1:

I’ve thoughts in having a go at making something implementing an aligned technique when time permits, although processing photos snapped using a smartphone in place of a DSLR entry level camera (…really can’t afford one, yet) by following this paid workflow:

A Creative Shrimp authored Photogrammetry Course

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I had bought the course at that time and saw some of it. unfortunately, not everything is explained exactly. other topics then again too precisely. in addition, much is done with reality capture. you can tell that this is a “product placement” - at least that’s how it feels; they scale down the images to make it cheaper. but for photogrammetry you actually need a very high resolution and image quality. other things didn’t work at all. because important steps were missing. the course is okay, as it provides a nice overview, but the content is similarly well prepared already free of charge on the Internet. you just have to know where to find them :smiley: I have seen many videos of grzegorz baran. everything you need to know is explained.

Grzegorz Baran - YouTube

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Cheers, thanks for the tip I’ll definitely dig deeper into resources already available online :smiley:

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I’ve been using 3DZephyr for photogrammetry. I’ve had it and dabbled with it for a couple of years, but feel like I’m now using its full potential.
Here’s their general guide about capturing images for photogrammetry:

I’ll not derail this thread, but there’s a free version (limited to 50 images, I think), and a very reasonably priced ‘lite’ version. It can extract very fine surface detail from just a few pictures, is simple to use for a beginner, but you can access some very detailed settings once you get to grips with it, and I just realised yesterday that you can import a low-res retopologised mesh and bake out diffuse, normals and displacement maps in a couple of clicks.
I’ll maybe start a thread doing a walk-through of creating something with it.

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how much is the software? i can’t find a price on the website. i don’t plan to change the software, but feel free to tag me if you open a thread. can’t hurt to stay up to date.

The prices are down the bottom of this page:

It’s actually a bit pricier than I remembered, but €150 is still a good price for what it is capable of.

ah okay, i must have overlooked that. metashape cost me a similar amount back then. you’d have to compare the two programmes.