Photogrammetry project Breda City Museum

Finished this project for the City museum of Breda ( ).

The little pig is the mascot of the museum. In Breda, the pig has quite some meaning, since pigs played a large role in stopping the plague from spreading in medieval times. This carving is from around the year 1500-1600. The statue of holy Catharina is also from early 1500. The colors you see are some remnants of the polychrome. The relic in the middle is from ~1700. It holds a skull and some bones which accompanied the holy Ursula on her pilgrimage to Rome.

I used Agisoft Metashape for the photogrammetry. I used Blender for fixing badly generated parts, sculpting lost details, remaking the glass parts and fixing the UV map. I also use Substance painter for some color correction and PBR maps (Metal and Roughness).

After the offical presentation at the museum in some weeks, these will be posted on Sketchfab.


You’re #featured! :+1:

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Wow, this is awesome! Why is no one talking about this? Lovely work!

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Awesome, thanks a lot, Bart!

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Thank you, that’s good to hear!

Amazing. Looks like a lot of work. Really like the light.

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Thanks. It really is a lot of work, planning, shooting, (pre)processing, cleaning up (both geometry and UV is pretty time consuming) and painting the PBR texture maps. Also a lot of fun though :slight_smile:
Glad to hear about the light, i always feel i’m shortcoming in my lighting, but i’m definitely improving.