Photogrammetry results with Meshroom-Metashape vs Recap and Trnio

Hi all

I use 3D photogrammetry a lot for object and architecture.

Primarily I use Autodesk ReCap Photo 360 and Trnio (iOS).
Both apps deliver pretty stunning results.

Over the past weeks I tested also Meshroom and Agisoft Metashape and found their results suffering from aggressive noise on the surfaces among other issues.

What is your experience with those two programs? I dont mind Meshroom being free to recommend it to my students, the results as stated are just very noisy.

For those who use it, do you mainly later run a noise reduction in Blender?

My biggest concern here is that a noise reduction pass will also remove hard edge geometry details too.

Any tip about using Metashape is also very welcome because it is pretty cheap and Mac / PC.