Photogrammetry Shoe

Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I wanted to share my latest work. I’m learning photogrammetry for a few years now but just with my phone and free software. But it has either not even worked or looked not good at all. Finally could save up for a camera and programm. This is my first model that looks descent. Its not perfect, there a couple mistakes especially my retopo and baking but i’m quite happy with the result for now :smile:

I’ve uploaded it to Sketchfab too


Cool! nice result.
It would be good to know more about what software you used and what was the methodology for taking the photos, such as number of photos, camera, lighting, background, etc.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I used Reality Capture and for the rest like retopo, baking and the render i used blender.
For the light setup i used 2 1600 lumen LED with self made softboxes in a regular room with darkened windows. I’ve taken 92 pictures and i was turning around the shoe. I would rather stay in place and use a turntable for the object but i never get good results with the turntable method. I use a nikon d5300 with a polfilter. The filter makes a very big difference in quality. And i dont know if its worth to mention but every picture was shot with the same settings 36mm kit lens, iso 200, F/8, shutter speed 1.6 sec and manual focus.


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

Thank you :smiley: