Photographer - Camera Exposure, White balance and Autofocus


(chafouin) #102

Well, it’s normal that you see both cameras resolution change in that view, because the addon is pretty much a hack :slight_smile: The resolution is a render setting that is saved at a scene level, so you can’t technically have two different render resolutions at the same time.

What the addon does is that it saves a camera resolution per camera, and if that camera is active, then it applies that camera resolution to the scene render resolution.

The important thing here is that you can’t have more than 1 active camera per scene in Blender. If you set different resolutions in your cameras, and then switch the active camera, you will see your render resolution update to the camera resolution.

I’ll look into the 2.79b issue!


When I switch my camera the resolution is the same. Its not just the camera object itself. That’s what I said earlier that the resolution remains the same on both if I don’t recall the resolution preset again. Mine when I switch to a new camera it doesn’t update but instead it remains the same until I click on the desire resolution presets again. To me this makes it unusable as it would be like going to the render tab and changing the resolution manually anyway. Tested in Blender 2.79b and other builds. Just tested it in 2.79.8 and I get that error too.

(chafouin) #104

Okay, I’ll try all the versions and make a video of it, this is pretty weird. Thanks for taking the time to report and explain the issue.


I really appreciate you sharing the tool and here is a new gif I just recorded.

(chafouin) #106

If you use the Make Active Camera Button in the addon when you switch the camera, does it work?

I am thinking that the render resolution doesn’t get updated properly when changing the active camera. It should update them every 2 seconds or so normally.


Using the make active camera works. Thanks for pointing that out. That’s enough for me to consider this a great addition. Thanks again. Obviously, it would be great it could change automatically, maybe another hack? :smiley:

(chafouin) #108

There is a hack for that already, the settings are updated every 3 seconds by a modal function. I kept it to 3 seconds to avoid flooding the CPU. I have tried it in many different conditions right now, and it works… maybe you were not waiting long enough when changing the active camera?

I fixed the error you had, this was happening because there are no camera in your scene.


  • Fixed error if there are no camera in the scene.


Yes that’s right I do not have any camera in my startup scene. Thanks for that.

(bkjernisted) #110

I was not able to see my material in the material preview window. When I disabled photographer I was able to go into color management and adjust my exposure again to 2. When photographer was enabled I could not change it from -2.610 to 2. With photographer enabled is there a way to lighten up the preview window? Here are some before and after pictures.preview%20of%20material photographer%20disabled Thanks

(bkjernisted) #111

I just had to adjust the exposure in photographer from 10.61 to 5.61 and things are back to normal.

(chafouin) #112

Unfortunately it’s a limitation of addon and how the preview window works… Sorry about that.

(tmammela) #113

I installed your plugin just to get white balance controls. Blender really needs WB adjustment out of the box in my opinion… Anyway, it seems to work, but I uncovered a bug when trying to use the color picker.

I think you will find that the problem is very obvious from this error message. :slight_smile:

(chafouin) #114

Oops! Sorry about that typo!
I don’t have access to a computer and will be back after the holidays, so please feel free to fix it manually (remove the 3 and save the python file) in the meantime.

(joemoehobo) #115

I’ve made some adjustments to have the addon working on 2.8.
Unfortunately I edited the code without documenting the changes. It’d be worthwhile to have a look at the changes.

One thing that I noticed is that enabling the addon (modified 2.8 version below) breaks the autosave functionality. This probably has something to do with the modal timer.

Some changes that I can remember is fixing all the new requirements for UI functions’ parameters (label, split, etc.) such as including text and replacing percentage with factor.

I changed the default obj.ray_cast to BVHTree version using the FromBmesh function. This is quite slow on objects with large number of vertices, I assume FromObject would be faster however I can’t figure out how to use FromObject function as it requires a magical depsgraph parameter. The reason why I had to change to BVHTree ray casting is that the obj.ray_cast kept giving an error in the veins of “no mesh data exists”. I tried updating the scene before calling it but it didn’t work, so I decided to switch to BVHTree ray casting.

I also removed all references to dupli objects as it seems they are removed in 2.8.

Also had to include some bl_idname here and there for classes to register properly. Moreover InterpolatedArray did not need to be registered. And AddonPreferenes is registered outside of the register() function as other classes depend on it’s data.

I hope this comes in handy, and someone manages to improve it even more. (49.8 KB)

(chafouin) #116

You rock! Thank you for helping with the 2.8 port. I’ll have a look at it after the holidays.

(Hikaru Ai) #117

I used this in my latest render, it was amazing to use it, thank you

(Peetie) #118

Also, API has changed. All code with bpy.context.user_preferences needs to be changed into: bpy.context.preferences
in Blender 2.8

(pilamin) #119

Looking forward to trying this out.

I’m confused as to what effect ISO has. Does it artificially add noise/grain to the image?

And if I use Photographer with HDRIs from HDRI Haven, will the EV and contrast values be physically correct? Or will I have to fiddle with the HDRIs to be more neutral?

(chafouin) #120

ISO doesn’t control the grain, but see it as the only control that you can use to modify the Exposure without after the look of your image (same DoF, same motion blur).

HDRIs from HDRI Haven are preexposed so no, it won’t work with realistic EVs. I would suggest to get in touch with Greg Zaal and ask him if he would consider providing absolute HDRIs with fixed White Balance in the future.
You can “guess” the exposure of an HDRI using the EV chart and adjust its exposure in Photoshop if you want to, but the best would be to have at least one picture that was used to create the HDRI with EXIF data, to match the HDRI exposure to that one.

(pilamin) #121

I see. That’s good to know.

If I created my own HDRI (I’ve made a few before) how would I go about properly using it with your add-on, to ensure the most correct camera-like results?