Photographer - Camera Exposure, White balance, Autofocus and Physical Lights

Set the power of all lights accordingly (which is often overkill). Probably the Exposure slider under Render>Film panel makes the trick.

EXR 32 bits won’t save tonemapping and exposure.
Do you really need 32bits depth for what you are doing after the render? Saving Tiff 16bits should give you enough depth and information for grading without introducing artifacts. I was hoping EXR Half Float would do apply tonemapping, but apparently not…

This is weird, you will get a little warning saying the add-on is made for 2.83, but it should work totally fine.
Can you make sure you uninstalled the previous version correctly?

  • In your Windows Explorer, go to %appdata%\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.82\scripts\addons , delete the photographer folder. Check if there is a file in that folder and delete it in case there is one.

Please send me a PM of your error message if you still have trouble.

Flip already exists: change the orientation from Landscape to Portrait :slight_smile:
I should be able to fix that “issue” for the next version :slight_smile:

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@julperado Yes, this will be the main feature of the next version. I can’t give any ETA yet though.

@bkjernisted It works just fine for 2.82a, there hasn’t been any API changes between 2.82 and 2.83 (don’t mind the warning during the add-on activation, I’ll fix it as it seems to confuse people).


You and many like you are very generous with your addons. Arguably too generous. I’m all for Blender devs making damn good money and charging reasonable prices if their addons are incredible, have a great ROI and pay for themselves lickity-split for a pro like myself. E-Cycles, for instance, is essential in a professional Blender environment, imho, Mathieu works like lunatic on it, and I truly hope he is making a killing on it. Most of the addons I know of make things easier and way faster, but could ultimately be done with stock Blender, if one is a student, hobbyist, dude down on his luck, etc. But I personally am always ready and willing to plunk down cold hard cash for anything that pays for itself in my business. Photographer is one of them. Thanks for such a great addon C! ; - )

Edit: I just had major deja vu after posting this. I wouldn’t be surprised if I posted something very similar above, months ago…


Compositing this thing produces almost identical exposure, something is slightly off but idk what :man_shrugging:t2:

This should work, I’ll have a look.
However I am unsure what you are trying to achieve. If this is to do post in another app, why not use an exposure modifier in that app?

Couldnt figure out how to do that in Resolve so solved it like that, dont even know if I continue using exr’s as ocio colorspace is pretty laggy transform :man_shrugging:t2:

I see, Resolve doesn’t have proper Exposure adjustment but you can do the same math in Fusion. You will need OCIO for the filmic tonemapping as you said.

I tried the same nodes in Blender compositing and I’m getting the same results as with Exposure though, which is expected. Can you share your scene where you notice a difference?

Tiff, 16bit uncompressed just loaded to resolve

Exr, 16bit uncompressed with that group and then ocio spaced

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Sincere apologies to LuxCore users, I need to release a new version to fix physical lights units conversion mistake. You don’t need to grab the update if you don’t use LuxCore.


  • LuxCore : Fix Radiance to Luminance conversion of Physical Lights.
  • LuxCore : Camera Exposure is set Off by default when adding camera from panel. This is to make sure LuxCore Tonemapping gets properly updated when turning Exposure On.
  • Fix 2.82 version misleading warning. The add-on is compatible with 2.82.
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I do see a slight brightness difference in the stars (exacerbated by the JPG compression) otherwise it’s the same, right?

Yup, been thinking two possibilites

Composite node caps
While actual exposure is


Blender applies it like image->look->exposure
while my duct tape group ends up being image->exposure->look

But I suspect that its actually that minascule .000002 difference

I’m pretty confident Blender applies exposure before the look, or filmic would be completely broken and we would notice.

So I vote for number one :slight_smile:

I am more than satisfied with older version of Photographer which was free, but I am definitely buying a new version just to give support if nothing else.

P.S. I don’t understand why does Blender automatically change exposure of material preview window when you change main exposure. I mean, you don’t want necessarily see the changes you make in the preview. You already have those changes in viewport render if you want.

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Thank you for your support

Blender applies the scene Exposure and Look to the preview of materials. I wish it was only applying the Look. We should probably report a bug about this one.

Yeah, it’s not a bug. I think they just coded it this way :slight_smile:
I think there should be a button for enabling/disabling this feature.
Because if I need to test material and my shot needs lowering/raising exposure I can’t see nothing in that window. In addition it would be great to have one preview with standardized lighting.

@chafouin Yes thank you, this addon is awesome and the physical accurate lights rocks.I’ve bought the addon without even thinking.

I actually have a huge usability suggestion, in the lights panel, at least on cycles to have the option to add a IES Profile(Maybe it creates the nodes behind). Feels kinda weird to use the nodes only to put the IES , but still control color through the panel.


It can be done, but it can be very misleading at the moment as IES profiles don’t work with physical values. They use the light intensity embedded into the IES, and then Blender light energy act as a multiplier.

We need to get a Cycles programmer (@lukasstockner97 :wink: ) to give the possibility to use IES as a mask (i.e. normalize the IES intensity) so that Physical Light units make sense.